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Meltdown and Recovery   

Are we in a recession or simply a slowdown? There seems to be a different definition for the US and the rest of the developed world. The inertia of the massive legislation for infrastructure development in the U.S. has yet to evolve, and the EU still hasn’t tamed their inflation problem. China's COVID policies have unsettled global pandemic recovery, while much of the world feels the effects of the war in Ukraine. Join Hal Hultman, a former engineering and financial economics professor, for a discussion of the world’s intersecting financial and topical issues, and theories on where we’re headed.
  • Meltdown and Recovery

  • Course/Program ID: ZO303824WI
    Instructor/Facilitator(s): Harold "Hal" Hultman
    Fee (nonmember): $35.00
    Fee (member): $20.00
    Dates(DOW, Start–End): W, 4/3/2024–4/10/2024
    Times: 10:30 AM–12:00 PM
    Location: Zoom E-Classroom
    Seats Available: 92
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    This program meets 2 time(s).

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