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Sailing Workshop—Keelboat   

If you are a novice or small boat sailor who wants to step up to a large keelboat, sign up for this class! Participants are taught on a 26' Colgate. The program covers the basic theory and terminology of sailing, rigging, fundamentals of keelboat handling, sail adjustment and maneuvers, with a continuing emphasis on weather and safety. Overboard recovery, rules of the road, and local knowledge chart reading will be introduced. This introductory class is the first step in gaining confidence aboard a larger sailboat.

Instruction begins each day with a classroom session (45 minutes or so) in the morning and afternoon before going out on the water to practice the skills just discussed. A one-hour break is taken each day, in which participants are on their own for lunch. Please dress for the weather, wear shoes that can get wet and will stay on your feet, bring sunscreen and a reusable water bottle. We strongly recommend leaving valuables at home because there is always a chance of them getting wet or lost overboard.

This activity requires a signed release to participate.


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