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Educational Issues   

As you know, numerous media reports have occurred during the last year about new legislation related to challenged books and the selection of books for Florida schools. Specifically, House Bill 1467 has impacted what books are allowed in the classroom and school library media centers. Immediately following Banned and Challenged Books: A Look at the Issues session, you are invited to join other OLLI members in a member-led discussion about three recent Florida laws:

  1. K-12 Education—House Bill 1467
  2. Parental Rights in Education Act—House Bill 1557 (Don’t Say Gay)
  3. Individual Freedom— House Bill 7 (Stop Woke Act)

Summaries of the laws will be shared and will be the basis for the lunchtime discussion about their implications on school practices. After the lunchtime discussion, some OLLI members interested in learning more about the history of Critical Race Theory can participate as a group in Rick Bell’s Zoom course entitled Critical Race Theory: Context, Controversy, and Call to Action. Participating in this program will require signing up for the lecture if you haven’t already done so. Of course, you can sign up for the Critical Race Theory course and participate on Zoom at any location.


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