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Jean Laffite: The Most Famous Pirate of the 19th Century    NEW!

Jean Laffite is among the most famous pirates of all time, and undoubtedly America’s most infamous. Starting as a French privateer, he became the master pirate of New Orleans and helped Andrew Jackson defeat the British in the Battle of New Orleans. From there, he established a new base on Galveston and then Mujeres. In this class, pirate expert Robert Jacob dives into the legends and myths about Jean Laffite, along with the French Privateers, and Laffite’s brother, Pierre. You’ll sail alongside Laffite as he comes to New Orleans, engages in battle, and becomes a master spy. You’ll also explore the details of Laffite’s bases on Galveston and Mujeres, his stint as a captain in the Venezuelan Navy, and his dramatic death at sea.

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