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Decluttering 55+ - Digital Declutter   

If you have ever thought that it is a challenge and a headache to clean up piles of papers and boxes of old photos, don’t be fooled into thinking that it is better because you store ‘stuff’ on your computer, phone, and Ipad. “Out of sight” and “out of mind” does not apply here. And worse yet, if you have opted out of the high tech world altogether and you act as if computers and mobile phones are not your ‘thing’, think again. It is difficult to do fundamentals such as make an airline reservation, do your banking, check in with your doctor, or be notified your table is ready at a restaurant without it. Perhaps you have wondered how to get rid of old equipment without compromising your personal identity. Michelle Passoff, author of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter (HarperPerennial) will be joined by a Best Buy Geek to answer questions that are most concerning so that your technology makes your life better instead of a mess.

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