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News and Views Discussion Group   

A discussion group course based on current news events and opinions/editorials from various reputable media. The moderator will ask the group for articles, etc. read in the past two weeks to be the basis discussion and the moderator will select the first topic. The presenter of the topic will have 15 minutes to read, paraphrase, or summarize the topic. The presenter will ask for a specific question to be addressed based on the topic. Then each attendee will have a maximum of 3 minutes (or can pass) to comment on the topic and/or ask questions of the presenter. The presenter will not respond to all questions/comments until after all attendees have had an opportunity to speak including the moderator. The presenter will then do a wrap-up of the topic including addressing any questions. Following that, additional comments can be made by the attendees as called on by the moderator. If time permits an additional topic will be chosen and the format will be repeated.

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