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Coming to Terms with the Holocaust   

This series of illustrated lectures probed the deep roots, proximate causes, methods, personalities, and principal events which created The Holocaust.

As the most extensively documented genocide in history – and the most intensively investigated, interrogated, and debated – The Holocaust in Europe 1933-1945 has much to teach us about hatred, demagoguery, impersonal violence, state-sponsored murder on an industrial scale, and ourselves. This seminar will address many complex and charged questions.

The objectives of this course are both academic and cathartic: to enable participants of any nationality, faith, or persuasion to come to terms with The Holocaust through information, analysis, public discourse, and private reflection.  

Steve Sohmer is a Shakespearean scholar, author of fiction and nonfiction books, television writer and producer, and former network television and motion picture studio executive. Sohmer earned a doctorate from Oxford University specializing in Shakespearean studies. Sohmer’s book, The Way It Was, was chosen by The New York Times as one of the 20 best fiction books of the year. Mr. Sohmer’s novels are Favorite Son and Patriots, and his short fiction has been published in The Southern Review and Modern Occasions. His screenwriting credits include Mancuso FBI, Twice in a Lifetime, Bloodknot, and Tom Clancy’s Op Center, among others.  


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